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I. NFT Collection.

The Status NFT collection is based on a well-established concept of social hierarchy. We have created nine basic and two outlier digital status symbols using the Suprematism art style. Status NFTs can be used by anyone to showcase their online status or can be sent to others to show respect (Privileged, Elite, Gods NFTs) or contempt (Deplorables NFTs).

II. NFT Model.

Status model consists of three basic status groups (Commoners, Privileged, Elite) and two outlier groups (Gods, Deplorables). Each status group is identified by shape and color. Basic status groups consist of three subgroups and have their own hierarchy.

III. Release Details.

14530 Status NFTs will be gradually released at OpenSea in January-February 2023. Similar to LOOT project, the specific utility of Status NFTs is intentionally omitted for others to interpret and create a particular use case.

IV. The Evolution of Status.

Hierarchy refers to the ranking of members in social groups based on the power, influence, or dominance. Higher-ranking members of the social group possess more wealth and power than the lower-ranking members. Hierarchies are highly pervasive across human cultures and emerge naturally in social groups. Hierarchies show us how fast we are climbing the ladder of social ranking and success; they give us identity. NFTs became new status symbols in the modern society and play an important role in the contemporary status game.

V. Suprematism Art.

Suprematism is an art movement created by Kazimir Malevich in 1913. Suprematism was focused on basic geometric shapes painted in a limited range of colors and was amongst the first radical developments in abstract art. Malevich wanted to completely abandon depicting reality and instead invent a new world of shapes and forms. Some of his most famous artworks are Black Square and White on White.

VI. Things to Consider.

Status is an experiment in all its aspects, and you act at your own risk by allocating any capital. The project is decentralized and there is no team that can guarantee its success. The value proposition and the use case of Status NFTs are defined by their owners.